Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Been a long time.......

Well, well..... I am still alive for those who were worried. I am still here and I am still fighting for that $100 grocery bill but I must admit getting harder at today's prices. I can't tell you exactly what happened and why I stopped posting but I guess at the heart of it all, life got in the way. My 2 kids, 10 and 12 now, keep us very busy. Lousy economy is making me work twice as hard for 1/2 the money and my wife started working full time. All of this combined kind of overwhelmed the time of day and just lost the energy to post everyday. But all that being said we are blessed with a wonderful life and are thankful everyday for what we have.

I have been thinking of the blog a lot lately and decided today to take a look at it. Made me kind of nostalgic and I decided to start up again. I think I will do things a little differently this time. I will start posting recipes up again but I don't think I will go through the process of posing the weekly bills etc... The ultimate goal for me is to still prove to myself that we can live very well and eat healthily on $100 a week. The reality is that over the last few months is that it is closer to $120 a week but still pretty reasonable. The key is that you buy fresh, buy the deals of the week and avoid all the processed junk. That to me is what really adds up and, in my opinion, is packaged cancer that you are paying to get.

Anyway, I will start up again with some recipes and ideas, all feedback is always welcome and I hope I have something useful to offer somebody. If not, it is at least cathartic for me to write it all out.

Cheers and hope to hear from you.

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